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Once Upon a Time at Batu #1

Batu City, most famous with Batu Malang, is one of plateau city at East Java. The location near from Malang city and can be reach about one hour from Malang. Batu city have a several good place and be tourism destination, either nature tourism or education tourism.
Anyway, Batu have a new tourism destination. Alright, Jatim Park 2 is awesome place for me. I went there when new year holiday with my family. This is a good place and recommended for holiday destination with boy/girl friend or with big family.  
Here a few photo and sort story when holiday at Jatim Park 2 J

The vacation start from Blitar (is my home town), by car it can be reach about two hours. All the way we can saw a beautiful panorama.

Unfortunately, welcome greeting at Jatim Park 2 was raining fall  L

In Jatim Park 2 have two tourism destinations, Batu Secret Zoo and Museum Satwa (wildlife museum). Let’s start talking about Museum Satwa. Well, because raining the first our destiny were Museum satwa. That is indoor place. In this place we can saw the animal have preserved or skeleton ancient animals, like dinosaurs, and so on. In other part we can saw several of insect, komodo, snake and wild animals.


Before entering Museum Satwa I take picture with scart, cartoon character in ice age.

Woow.. is so many picture I take in there, it’s a few of picture at Museum Satwa:
The building looks so classic.

give feed to deer
My brother pose in front of dinosaurs skeleton
Let’s go the next destinations, Secret Zoo. But previously, we went to lunch at Pohon Inn. It’s unique inn. We eat together with animal, hear so fanny. I mean, the floor was spinning around, and beside that our table, we were traverse leopard and deer  at behind the glass.

this is leopard at inn it is look 'galau'
what can you see leopard at behind glass..? heheee

To be continuous  . . . 

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